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Newzenpharma is a leading U.S based generic medicine manufacturing and a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a single-minded focus on pioneering the development by targeting DNA repair within cancer/tumor cells. Led by world-class management with significant experience in cell therapy, our fully integrated, in-house team of researchers is dedicated to discovery and translational research, development, and cell manufacturing. After establishing ourselves as a successful brand in Asia and Africa, we now are focusing on the US market and across. Our company is proudly recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We are an all inclusive incorporated pharmaceutical organization through Development, Quality and Competence.

We plan on escalating our business in Research and Development for Drug formulation and manufacturing. Our enduring goal is to gain perfection and excel soon. Our company’s focus is to meet the increasing needs of our valuable clients.

Why Choose Us

Company vision is make these drugs into US or Africa and India’s reach.

Making Salts

Basically Newzen Pharma making salts.

Save Lives

Low coast of medicine save peoples life.

Helping Distributors

Help people with distribute the medicine.

Cost Effective

Manufacturing which are the coast effective for each vast majority of the population.

Approved By FDA

Everything manufactured by FDA approved plants and approved by FDA to marketing in USA.

Research For Drug Formation

Later on company is going to research for drug formulation and manufacturing.

Toward an integrated model of product characterization for CAR-T cell therapy drug development efforts

New general chapter on Cell-based assay for potency determination of TNF-alpha antagonists (2.7.26) published for public enquiry

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